Do you think you know strawberry shortcake?

There are people who don't know much about Strawberry Shortcake but after you take this quiz you'll know everything there's to know about strawberry shortcake.

Are you a fan of Strawberry Shortcake ? Do you have a huge obesssion over her? Do you wish you could be like Strawberry shortcake now after taking this quiz you can found out if you know about her.

Created by: Guadalupe Medrano

  1. Where does Strawberry Shortcake live?
  2. What is her cat's name?
  3. What is her dog's name?
  4. What is her friends' name?
  5. What type of hair color does she have?
  6. What type of house does she live in?
  7. What is her Sisters' name?
  8. Does Strawberry Shortcake wear a hat?
  9. What type of food does Strawberry Shortcake like?
  10. what is her hobby?

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Quiz topic: Do I think you know strawberry shortcake?