Do you Sparkle?

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Some people are shy. Others aren't afriad to be themselves. Everyone else is somewhere in between. Where do you fall? What types of risks do you take? Do you act like your own person?

Do YOU Sparkle? Or do you Fade Away? Do you live your life YOUR way? Or do you follow in the paths of others? In just 13 short(Or Long) questions, find out the way you live. Do you really sparkle?

Created by: xSprinkle

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  1. Auditions for the school play are out! Do you sign up?
  2. You Best Friend walks up to you, see's the sign up sheet and screams. She signs both of you up. Your thinking.....
  3. What type of part do you want?
  4. Audition day! What song do you sing?
  5. You're staring at the casting list. Your friend is a narrator, but you're nothing! Your first thought is....
  6. On to something new. Are you advanced in any of your classes?
  7. How many close friends do you have?
  8. Have you ever started a buiseness? If yes, how long did it last?
  9. Do you take risks?
  10. Pick one word to discribe you.
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