Do you sense the perinormal?

You know, even a normal person like you could have healing powers. Or read minds. Or even sense Ghosts. If you have chosen this quiz, then someting has drawn you to it.......DO YOU THINK ITS PERINORMAL!?

You might sense spirits, or feel Ghosts. But this quiz will TRULEY determin that! Do you have strnge feelings in your Uncle's house? Or in your Grandma's bedroom? Well, you might have a gift!! Let's find out!!!

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  1. Do you belive in Ghosts?
  2. Do you sense spirits?
  3. Do you belive in UFO's/Aliens??
  4. Do you belive in Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, or Champy?(or other)
  5. Have you seen a Ghost??
  6. WHen you are alone in a room, do you feel a spirit with you?
  7. Do you ever feel strange energy forces in a room?
  8. Have you ever healed a cut or scrape with your hands? Or worse?
  9. Do you have an animal spirit? (that you know of)
  10. Do you often have dreams (or nightmears) with animals in them? Or unknown people?
  11. Do you belive that the Moon is a spirit?

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Quiz topic: Do I sense the perinormal?