do you really know the NFL?

The NFL is an amazing thing. All those talented players coming together to train and perform everyday. How much do you know about the NFL? We're about to find out.

Punt or try and convert? AP or Chris Johnson? You tell me. Just answer this short series of questions to see if your football brains are up to par, or lagging behind.

Created by: Chase
  1. Which of the following quarterbacks would you consider the best in theNFL?
  2. Straight up. Who is better?
  3. Rookie of the year is... (your opinion)
  4. Your playing Madden 11. It's 4th and 8. I would...
  5. Your STILL playing Madden 11 (It's addicting). Would you want to trade for Brett Favre on your Franchise?
  6. Which was the most improved team of 2011. (your opinion)
  7. Who won the week 19, Saturday Night dogfight in Foxboro, Mass?
  8. 3rd and 3. Who do you hand the ball to.
  9. Was this quiz worth taking? (be honest)
  10. Would you recomend this quiz to a friend?
  11. Will you take this quiz again?
  12. How many super bowls has John Elway won?
  13. How many NFL teams has Brett Favre been a part of?
  14. What NFL team drafted the legendary Brett Favre?
  15. What college did Tom Brady attend?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know the NFL?