What ninja rank are u

U are Nothing buts it's ok to be nothing train and train and train and train to become a master maybe even be a Kage so train and you know how to become it

Are YOU a Somthing or not u never know so train like I said before train to become better I only say these become i have to write Somthing ok understood

Created by: SkikamaruLee

  1. Who is the 7th Hokage
  2. If you were 2 years old and there was a cat in the tree what would you do
  3. Who is Tsunade Jiriyia and Orichamru's Sensei
  4. If you were Hokage what would you do
  5. Do u like Naruto
  6. Are you Hokage
  7. If ur a Jounin And there is the nine tails attack you would
  8. Are you Genin
  9. Are u chunin
  10. Are u Kage level

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