do you really know kiba ?

WHO IS KIBA ? IS HE BETTER THAN NARUTO AND TOBI PUT TOGETHER.I THINK SO AND SO SHOULD REAL KIBA FAN.IF YOU PAST THIS TEST YOU ARE A TRUE KIBA FAN and if not well to bad you are missing out on a cool dude and his cute puppy.kiba fans unite

kiba or kiba? to be or not to a totally redical sweet awesomekind kiba fannn. take this quiz to see how much you know about a Inuzuka clan member named kiba Inuzuka.well are you ready for the challenge or areyou sared to know that you are not a true kiba fan

Created by: lina

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  1. What is Kiba's quote?
  2. how old is Kiba?
  3. What team is Kiba on?
  4. who are his team mates?
  5. who is his sister?
  6. what animal is akamaru?
  7. how many jutsu move do kiba know?
  8. who does he love to tease?
  9. is kiba the leader of team 8
  10. what clan is kiba in?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know kiba ?