Do you really know Justin bieber

There are a bunch of people who think they know alot about Justin bieber I know I do but hopefully you do to so answer so question to find out if you are one

Are you a beliber if you are these questions should be fairly easy if you are not then you might have some trouble but you never know so rake the quiz because us belibers never say never

Created by: Ashley

  1. When was Justin bieber born?
  2. What is his fav food?
  3. What is his fav color
  4. Fav sport
  5. How tall is he? ( 2011)
  6. How many kid choice awards is he nominated for?
  7. When did his movie never say never cone out?( america)
  8. His middle name ?
  9. His mom dad sister and brothers name
  10. What religin is he?
  11. Who has not been his girlfriend?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know Justin bieber