Do you REALLY know Icarly?

This quiz tests you on everyones favorite show, Nickelodeons Icarly! it has a few questions on the most popular episodes, so please only play if you've seen quite a few.

Do you know all there is to know about Icarly??? find out right now! This quiz is very simple and quick, and no questions that are too hard for some people. Have fun and please comment!

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  1. Who plays Sam Puckett?
  2. In IgotoJapan, what is Icarly's enemy?
  3. What is the doorman's name?
  4. In Iwantaworldrecord, what is the record the Icarly gang and Spencer make?
  5. In Iwantaworldrecord, the record woman's husband has a record of what?
  6. In Inevel, what sculpture is Spencer making?
  7. In Inevel, Nevel shows Carly a picture of what?
  8. Sam kissed Freddie.
  9. In IwannastaywithSpencer, what convinces Grandad Shay into letting Carly stay with Spencer?
  10. Where does Freddie live?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY know Icarly?