How much do you know about iCarly?

Do you know a lot about iCarly? Or is it true you are a genius at it? Well, take this amazing iCarly quiz (one of the best iCarly quizzes you'll ever find!)

It has obvious as well as not-obvious questions and answers which makes it kind of tricky. Are you up for it? Let's see how well you do! Goodbye!!!!!!!

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. Describe Carly's family.
  2. Describe Sam's family.
  3. Describe Spencer's family.
  4. Describe Freddie's family.
  5. Describe Gibby's family.
  6. How do Carly and Sam get rid of the dinosaur on their new T.V. show?
  7. What is the man's name who works at the Groovie Smoothie and normally asks the gang to buy something?
  8. What is the doorman's name?
  9. Who is Spencer's #1 enemy?
  10. Has Nevel ever gotten to kiss Carly?
  11. What were the three things that made Sam want to become girlier that people said about Sam?
  12. Who dressed up as Carly's great aunt to trick Nevel?
  13. What's the name of Gibby's girlfriend?
  14. What tells ghost stories on the webshow?
  15. Do the icarly gang get to see the real bigfoot on their adventure?
  16. How do they arrive at Japan?
  17. How does Mandy get into Carly's apartment when Carly and Sam are watching Girly Cow?
  18. What color clothing are the prisoners in Spencer's giant pants wearing?
  19. How do the prisoners keep Carly and the rest from calling the police when they escape?
  20. What number does Freddie skip when he is about to start the show?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about iCarly?