How Well Do You Know ICarly?

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This is a hard one. Do you watch the show or do you watch EVERYTHING in the show!? See how much you know about Icarly and the gang in the challenging quiz!

Are YOUUU an ultimate Icarly fan!? Test your knowledge on this icarly super quiz! Bet you can't get 100% right! You think can pass and claim the title of the Ultimate ICarly Super Fan!?

Created by: Kelli

  1. What is Carly's Last Name??
  2. In iMake Sam Girlier, what word does Carly say that Sam does not like?
  3. What was the name of Freddie's girlfriend in iWant to date Freddie?
  4. What was Sam's twin sister's name in iTwins?
  5. In iHate Sam's Boyfriend, what was Jonah and Sam's inside joke?
  6. In iBelieve In Bigfoot, what creature hybrid did Spencer strongly believe in?
  7. In iBeat the Heat, what was Griffin using the tubes for?
  8. What two symbols were on Spencer's socks in iRue The Day?
  9. In iRue The Day, what band came to ICarly?
  10. What color is the Gummy Bear on Carly's table next to the computer?
  11. In iEnrage Gibby, what does Gibby do when Freddie tries to compromise in school?
  12. in iDo what color are the Bridesmaids dresses?
  13. In iDo, what does the passangers on the plane do when the pilot announces they are in Wisconsin?
  14. In iStakeout, what does Freddie's mom say after Freddies says "Removing tattoos are extremely painful!"
  15. Who plays Sam's mom?
  16. Who is the special guest in iStart a Prank War?
  17. in iPsycho, who saves the iCarly gang?
  18. Last Question!! In iTake on Dingo, what was Sam's "knockout" sock filled with?

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