do you really know horses?

do you think you know about horses? maybe, maybe not. if you find errors in my knowledge or information, please tell me, but please dont be mean about it. questions will include basic horsemanship as well as advanced and simple knowledge.

are you a real horse nerd? do you really know horses? take this amazing quiz to find out. make sure to comment and rate afterward: i want to know how i did. dont be mean about it. just let me know if it was crappy or really good or if i got stuff wrong.

Created by: lotrnut

  1. how many inches are in a hand?
  2. which of the following is not a horse coat color?
  3. what is the bump behind the neck on a horse called?
  4. an example of a 3 beat gait is...
  5. the ideal shoulder angle is...
  6. the ideal shoulder angle is...
  7. what breed is a typical western riding horse?
  8. a female horse that is under 4 years old is a...
  9. is hay a forage or roughage food?
  10. which of your body parts should create a straight line while riding?
  11. will a young horse usually mimic an older horse?
  12. where do you check a horses pulse?
  13. if you use a direct rein on the left, which way should a horse go?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know horses?