do you need glasses

do you think you need glasses? Well this quiz should help you make your mind up do you think you should visit your optician earlier than planned or are you just checking now

don't worry if you do need glasses because they are quite good and lots of people notice a HUGE difference this quizz should help you out chose weather to go back early or stay how you are now

Created by: Anonymous

  1. do you have trouble seeing
  2. can you see the small print on labels
  3. if you were in a massive field can you see everything
  4. how old are you
  5. do you think you need glasses
  6. do you think you are short sighted
  7. do you think you are longsighted
  8. are you long and short sighted
  9. how is the health of your eyes
  10. did you enjoy the quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I need glasses