Do you need diapers

This quiz is to find out if you need diapers or not if your potty training if your a bed wetter if you like them and how frequently you wet/mess yourself in or out of diapers.

Please tell the truth and only do this quiz if you want to really find out if you need a normal bottom or a padded bottom and please enjoy this diaper quiz.

Created by: Evan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When did you last wet yourself
  2. When did you last mess yourself
  3. When did you last wet/mess the bed
  4. Do you want to wear diapers or are you already
  5. Have you been sexually abused
  6. Do you make it to the potty
  7. If you had an accident what would you do
  8. Do you like diapers
  9. Are you still potty training
  10. Have you worn a diaper recently

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Quiz topic: Do I need diapers