Diapers for you?

Will you need diapers yup seen your pants will look to see a puddle of shame or will look to see a nice thick DIAPER find out in this awesome test good luck

Ewwwww is what you be saying if you are we'll a hmmm how to I say this not reddy for big kids under wear just kidding take this test take it now reminder it just for fun

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  1. Have you Peed your self before
  2. Have you ever craped your self
  3. Have you ever wet the bed
  4. Have you ever pooped in the bed
  5. Ok now it gets hard if you said yes to any of the past questions go and get a some thing that you would not mind peeing\craping your self in and close you are do not hold back any thing and image it coming out how do u feel
  6. Ok let's see what you thing you need to wear
  7. Pick one
  8. Have you ever wore a diaper
  9. Almost done any one want to leave
  10. The end

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