Do you need an inhaler?

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HIIIIIII!!!!! THE AUSTRALIAN IS BACK!!!!! Yes, it’s me again, the one who did: “what country do you belong to?” Well, I’m back to see you all. Well now this quiz is about how much you have asthma and how much you need an inhaler. There are plenty of people in all countries that have asthma right now. I’m Australian and I have asthma. Read my rules and instructions below!

First, the questions should be very easy. If you find a hard one then take your time! There’s no need to rush! Second, don’t take my answers (or questions) correctly. Third, when I put a - it means I’m trying to speak to you. RULES: first, don’t harass, fight, swear, or speak inappropriate in the comments, second, do not believe the answer that I give at the end of the quiz. If you feel like you can’t breathe, call the emergency room ASAP. That is something not to lie about. Third, don’t feel ashamed over this quiz, it’s for fun. Fourth, HAVE FUN!!!!

Created by: Teressa Liz

  1. Hiii!
  2. Let’s start!
  3. Are you female or male?
  4. How old are you?
  5. How much times a day do you breathe into a paper bag?
  6. Do you have asthma?
  7. Do you have any conditions?
  8. What’s you eating habits?
  9. How much do you Weigh?
  10. How skinny are you?
  11. How are you feeling?
  12. Do you have regular allergies?
  13. Do you have food allergies?
  14. Are you allergic to any medications?
  15. Do you go to gym?
  16. Do you do sports?
  17. Time to rap it up!
  18. I will miss you!
  19. Bye!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I need an inhaler?