Do you need a retainer or braces?

There are people (like me) who want a retainer or braces. But do you need it? After all, smart humans think like me, that's what retainers/braces are all about.

Do YOU need a retainer or braces? Do you think your teeth are okay, bad, or perfect?? The only way to figure it out??? Is to take this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Mrs.Styles

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much times do you brush your teeth every day?
  2. Are your teeth straight?
  3. Are your teeth yellow or white?
  4. How many cavities do you have?
  5. What does your dentist say about your teeth?
  6. When you've ever lost a tooth, was it kinda black?
  7. Do you want a Retainer or Braces?
  8. Do you brush your tongue?
  9. Do you floss?
  10. I'm Mrs.Styles. I plan to marry Harry in the future. Okay?

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Quiz topic: Do I need a retainer or braces?