Do you make good qiuzzes? is one of the best quiz websites, it has visitors from all over the world that come here. In a month about 563,2190 people visit and also 3,173 quizzes are made everyday but only few quizzes make it to the top 40.

To make a good quiz you have to put alot of effort in it, planning your quiz on a sheet of paper is better than making quizzes that just come from the mind. And the most important part, don't add too much questions! Your questions should be at least 15-35 quizzes that exceed that pace are often considered boring....are you a skillied quiz maker? Do you think your quizzes are the best? Well take this quiz to find out!

Created by: boss baby
  1. What type of quiz did you make?
  2. How many questions did you add? (minus the custom questions if any)
  3. What is the word count of your quiz?
  4. How many errors did you make
  5. Did you add an image to your quiz?
  6. So far how many people took your quiz?
  7. Your quiz was commented on how many times?
  8. Can your quiz be found on the page one of the new quiz list?
  9. Did you share your quiz on any website and if you did how many websites?
  10. Rate your quiz
  11. Did you add filler questions? example: Please do rate and comment, Bye, do you like this quiz?
  12. Now on your own do you think your quiz will make it to the top 40 list?

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Quiz topic: Do I make good qiuzzes?