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Created by: Likeaboss
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  1. Ermaglob male unicorns were made to benifirlt mankind because they can chew up grass and be awesome!
  2. So when the buffet finally got here, I decided that I wanted to grab a microphone and jam my heart out to a song by P!nk!((:
  3. "Meow" sid the cat. "Don't you get sass with me!" I snapped
  4. Mesopotamia had a more strict patriarchy than Egypt did...
  5. Chomp chomp chomp. When the flat iron touches your booty you'll get a littke freaked!
  6. Football season has begun so grab your beanstalk and get ready!
  7. Hyper off of slushies? Then get the new and improved calm kit! Complete with all the necessities to a nrew and improved you without the turnoff of hyper! :D *wink*
  8. The product in the last 'question' is not real...
  9. How come when a fire ant takes a bite of your esophagus you want to just choke it to death?
  10. JUST KIDDING! I love creatures of any kind. Even if they do manage to bite my esophagus somehow...

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