Do you love Reed?

"They are some people who know Reed/Reedie/Reeders..If you don't pass this you have no clue who he is! and that is very sad! So take the quiz and study until ur head explodes"

Are you a fan of Reeds? Who knows? Take the quiz to find out! If you pass it! You are awesome! If u suck:P And it would be really cool if you went to his site!!!:)

Created by: christa

  1. Which band is Reed in?
  2. Who was his gfs??
  3. Is he nice?
  4. Have you seen his band?
  5. Would you marry him?
  6. Does he have a myspace?
  7. Does Britt and Christen love him?
  8. Whats his brothers name?
  9. Whats his nickname from Christen?
  10. Whats his nickname from Britt?
  11. What color hair does he have?
  12. What color is his amazing eyes?

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Quiz topic: Do I love Reed?