Are you a SmartDonkey?

The SmartDonkey Quiz measures just how snide, self-absorbed, and immature you are. This is designed to provide a good yuk but it's entirely possible you'll walk away with a far deeper understanding of yourself or other smartypants you've come to know. Shhh'ya riiiiiight.

Some quick notes: The quiz is not complete. We've put together a quick 10 questions but plan to update and expand over the next few months. (We're lazy, really lazy.) Your age affects your score as life experience counts for a lot. (So says the old guy!) Anyway, enjoy. If you want more smartdonkey wisdom, visit thesmartdonkey on the net -Landon Reed

Created by: Landon Reed of The Smart Donkey
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  1. When asked to describe yourself to someone you'd like to impress you respond...
  2. If others were asked to describe you as a person, they'd say...
  3. The first thought that came to mind for the phrase "tongue in cheek" was... (be honest now)
  4. Which TV character represents you best?
  5. You walk into a room and see someone you know fairly well bending over to pick something up. (No one else is in the room) You...
  6. You walk into a room and see someone you know fairly well bending over to pick something up. (Others are in the room). You...
  7. If someone were to videotape while you sat in a movie theater the recording would capture the following:
  8. Which irks you most?
  9. Which food are you most like?
  10. You're a parent and your children are outside the house arguing with each other as kids will do. Your spouse turns to you and says, "Honey, don't you hear the kids outside fighting?" You reply,

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Quiz topic: Am I a SmartDonkey?