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  • Dude, I feel so bad for you. I mean, it take a a really sad soul to screw up something this simple. Sorry if that sounds off, I am unconditionally tired right now. But seriously, if this is just some sick joke then you have serious problems, but if you actually believe what you are saying is correct, then you have issues beyond saving. Either way, you're a screwed up child who makes me pitty society.

    Oh, but umm, thanks for reminding me of the real battles I a supposed to be fighting, this quiz sort of just kicked all the stupid out of me so I will be off working in the evangelistic field.

    Oh, and don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with you in theory, but doing something this incompetent is ludicrous. Be a mature little boy an figure life out without the weak stand points you learn in that stirpot called public school. What I mean when I said I pity you is not really that I pity you, I meant I feel sorrow for the decast of society nowdays.

    So erm, sorry about my confusing commentary, but hey, like I said, I am rip inning on negative hours when it comes to sleep and typing this was a miracle.

    Enjoy your life.

  • I got umm.....


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