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  • "I usually get ten/fifteen minuets online, and then five to ten minutes off."
  • "Things left unsaid-- Disciple"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I know you said you didnt want to hear from me, but I just wanted to prove to you want I kept saying. I had all my devices ta"
  • All Things Happy~
    ". okay? what?"
  • All Things Happy~
    "Yah, well, they are right. I haven't done anything responsible in eight months. I have been depressed and selfish and it screwed up everythi..."
  • All Things Happy~
    "... he is telling me I need to get out of my depressed mindset or there will be consequences..."
  • All Things Happy~
    "just aBout how I used to be this great kid who was worth s--- and now I am not... IN other words, he told me I need to start helping out aro..."
  • All Things Happy~
    "they are.... I am morew illing to listen these days... it did hurt though"
  • All Things Happy~
    "Sorry... my dad was lecturing me about s--- and I got really upset and drama and whatever..."
  • All Things Happy~
  • All Things Happy~
    "Hmm grad r be a great j time 23tbu to , , , vh3l2bvt323vrbeerhgl2i43ligwrvbwrugvw7vrlvhrwo7rvb"
  • selfie
    "I understand. That is natural."
  • All Things Happy~
  • All Things Happy~
    "I know you weren't. That is why it is funny."

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