do you love her?

Is there a lady in your life? Are you unsure about how you feel for her? Is she unsure? Do you feel a need to define where your feelings are before you move forward or part ways for good?

In just a few seconds you can figure out whether you are head over heels, ambivalent, or just need to be kicked to the curb. Show her the results if you dare!

Created by: amazon

  1. do you miss her when you lose contact?
  2. do you encourage her to date others?
  3. do you see her in your future?
  4. you do send her expressive letters saying what you are too shy to say?
  5. are you looking for something in a partner she cant offer you?
  6. do you make plans with her often?
  7. are you open to dating other people?
  8. if you fight, who is the first to try and make nice?
  9. can she make you orgasm?
  10. how often do you say/show affectionate things?

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Quiz topic: Do I love her?