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    calculated and are presented below:
    You might be61%good looking
    You are average! Congrats you'r
    average!!!! Which means that you are
    probably a cutie or just about a
    cutie!!!! Nice job!

    PunkRocker12 Jun 13 '15, 3:45PM
  • Wtf. 48!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of boys like me and ask me out!!!!!!!!

    Joce May 19 '15, 5:25PM
  • I got 50%- I'm not really sure what to think about my score, but all I can say is it was 50%.

    Like said in other comments, there should at least be 'other' as an option for the hair color. Mine is golden/light brownish and I didn't know what to put. I think I give this quiz 4 out of 10. Not really good; not really bad.

    Aprilmonth Mar 1 '15, 10:59AM
  • 67% Awesome quiz!!! But I agree with above comments, you shouldn't lower our scores because of our size- it's rude to girls across the world.

    FreeSpirit Dec 4 '14, 9:51PM
  • wew this quiz does tell the true all i have to do is change my hair thats all and wear something else that look good in othger words(this quiz is worthy in my presents)^^

    Kingzilla2012 Jan 27 '12, 10:45PM
  • You might be31%good looking

    You are ugly I hope you don't mind me saying that you'r ugly. I mean it's not like your a disgrace but you still need some work! (please don't be mad or insulted by this answer, its just a stupid quiz)

    You ARE a 100% a mega shallow jerk

    You are a mega shallow jerk, I hope you don't mind me saying that you're a jerk. It's just my UGLY opinion. You need a soul! And please stop eating babies. (Please get offend by this comment, it speaks the truth).

    Phoebe Nov 29 '10, 3:21PM
  • I got 85% ohhhh gahd yea

    jda Sep 22 '10, 7:52PM
  • gosh, brunette means darkish colors in hair icludeing, black and brown! also, i got 57%. i guess that's alright. i do consider myself cute =) haha

    x aka mrlq x Mar 16 '10, 7:45PM
  • brown-aka BRUNETTE! O_o, then pick average!!! -.-

    Feygoddess Mar 8 '10, 7:54PM
  • There was no brown hair...was there? Cause ive got brown hair...and im not chubby or skinny. And can u please make a quiz called: Do you look cuter in in a ponytail or with your hair down? I BEG U TO MAKE A QUIZ FOR THAT...!

    alegnageno Mar 8 '10, 5:35PM
  • This quiz should have included black hair and grey eyes.

    Violanessa Dec 29 '09, 3:32PM
  • dis quiz is sooooooooooo messed up!!!!!!!! for advice let dem type their

    thekiki323 Nov 29 '09, 4:46PM
  • y dnt u have black hair as a option!

    thekiki323 Nov 29 '09, 4:35PM
  • i have black hair!

    totallyhot Nov 13 '09, 8:10PM
  • I have dark brown hair!
    What am I supposed to answer!

    totallyhot Nov 13 '09, 8:08PM
  • 57% was my score. Great quiz!

    Joshi001 Sep 28 '09, 3:43PM
  • black hair doesnt exist anymore apparently.

    Jsung Sep 28 '09, 5:33AM
  • I am shocked. I got 44% and admitedly i am very good looking, yet a bit chubby.
    So i did it again just the same answers but i put average and i got 52%
    I find this pathetic; just because i'm a little chubby does not mean that i am any less attractive.

    Sammi Sep 13 '09, 9:06AM
  • I really look good and i didn't lied :P
    "You might be72%good looking
    You are really cute!! Woohoo!!! You got an awesome score!!!! Nice job!!!!! Maybe if you just slightly changed something about yourself you could be hot, and I bet you get quite a few dates!!!"

    sgb Jun 8 '09, 3:59PM
  • 72%

    Cody a Apr 27 '09, 5:24PM
  • You jackass! My score didn't even count because the 3rd question didn't even have the answer I was looking for. some people have BLACK hair too.

    Obamadog Apr 26 '09, 12:06PM
  • I got 72 percent. Cool i guess. I wouldn't really think of myself as being "hot" so cute's good for me! =D

    xXemnemXx Apr 2 '09, 6:03PM

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