Do you like romance?

Do you like romance? yes, no, not sure? well come find out! its easy, fun, and takes 2 minutes!

So. do you think your romance? lets find out!

Created by: luvhorses4

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  1. Some one that you have noticed watching you, but you have never met, asks you on a date, you:
  2. You are at the lunch tables out side and a guy friend that you suspect likes you gives you his coat after you say your cold:
  3. You are at your guy friends house and no one else is alone, and he starts to kiss you, and surprises you:
  4. you are sitting in the car waiting to get your food at a drive through, and he reaches up the front of your shirt:
  5. You find out hes been taking pictures of you in the shower:
  6. He gives you a kiss in front of your friends
  7. He says I love you on your 1st date
  8. When you where kissing on the bed, he messes up your hair with his hands:
  9. You see each other at walmart, you:
  10. Do you think you like romance?

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Quiz topic: Do I like romance?