Do you like my story?

I came up with this as I went, so don't be mean! It's a fanfic, not my own characters, but the plot is mine. The plot is also cliche, so if you don't like cliche stuff, oh well.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own The Hunger Games. I wish that I did, but I DON'T!!!! All the characters belong to Suzanne Collins. If I create characters in later quizzes, I will let you know.

Created by: CharityChase

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  1. I hear a clap of thunder and wake up from my nightmare. My blankets are tangled around me, and I'm in a cold sweat.
  2. I start to recite simple facts in my head to calm down and sort my thoughts. The names of my family, myself, my age, the date. This is a trick my mother learned from her doctor in the Capitol. The Capitol. One of the two things that control your life in Panem.
  3. The other thing? Luck. You're lucky if you're the mayor's kid. Lucky if you don't get reaped. Lucky if you're family isn't in the Seam, but also not in the Victor's Village like me and Rye.
  4. I'm Willow. My parents first child. I'm 13, and as a child of not one, but two victors, it's a wonder that I'm not dead or a victor myself. Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder.
  5. It's my mother. "Willow?", she whispers. I open my mouth, ready to say something witty and burst into tears.
  6. My mother cuddles me as I try to explain between big heaving sobs that I am fine, and she should get some sleep.
  7. Finally, when I'm calm my mother lifts my head up and says, "Do you want me to sing?"I nod and lay on her shoulder like a child as she sings.
  8. Do you like it so far?
  9. Should I make another quiz and finish the story?
  10. Because I'm stopping the story right here, what's your favorite color? Sorry!

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Quiz topic: Do I like my story?