Are you writing a clich�© love story?

This test will help you see if your love/romance story is cliche enough for you to write it. Cliche is a story that has been repeated way too much. Check if it is just cliche enough!

Is your love story cliche? Find out here! The best test ever to check if your live story is cliche enough or way too cliche. Make this test and find out!

Created by: Mary Sue

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Is it *sigh* love at first sight?
  2. Is there a love triangle?
  3. Is it *gasp* forbidden love?
  4. Are they straight?
  5. The couple's ages?
  6. What do they talk about mostly?
  7. And they went to prom...
  8. Is it first love?
  9. Age gap?
  10. He saves her...
  11. And they lived happily...

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Quiz topic: Am I writing a clich�© love story?