Do you like cats or dogs better?

Cats and dogs are both extraordinary creatures, but if you cannot decide which to buy, or which you shall like most, you should take this quiz to find the answer!

Cats or Dogs? Would you rather be waken up every night or have to buy another sofa? Have to take your pet on a walk ever single day, or not? Take this quiz to find out: Cats or dogs for you?

Created by: CobraFang
  1. Say you were a pet. Any pet. Your owner has another pet that they are admiring much more than you. What are you thinking in your head?
  2. When you notice your owner is sick, what do you do?
  3. what do you look for in a great pet?
  4. Do you like a small pet, a big pet, or in the middle?
  5. What are your grades in class?
  6. What is your favorite... Color?! (out of these)
  7. Ok, you're probably taking this quiz to find out, but if you already know, do you like cats or dogs better?
  8. What would you rather read?
  9. Would you rather be waken up all night, or have to buy a new couch because it got all scratched up?
  10. I hope you enjoyed this quiz!

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Quiz topic: Do I like cats or dogs better?