should you get a CAT or a DOG?

Cats and dogs. There are many quizzes about these popular critters. But this one will give you the final answer: shall you get a feline or a canine? :)

Cats. Shy, quiet, intelligent. Dogs. energetic, dependent, outgoing. But what should you get? Dogs or cats? Just take this quiz and you'll find the answer to that question!

Created by: Spinny

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  1. Would you say you have a rather big house?
  2. Do you have a big-sized yard?
  3. Do you have any hamsters, birds, or fish with an open cage in your house living right now?
  4. Are you known to forget things?
  5. Do you leave out chocolate at night? (xD)
  6. Does your doorbell ring a lot, and does people usually come in your house out of nowhere?
  7. Is it okay if your house is a bit... usually... really... extremely loud all of the time usually?
  8. Um.. Do you like cats or dogs better?
  9. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR HAHAHAHAHHA (Just kidding)... What's your personality?
  10. I hope you enjoyed the quiz! Pick one >:3

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Quiz topic: Should I get a CAT or a DOG?