Are you a Cat or a Dog?

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Cats, dogs, rabbits... which one could you possibly be? Cats and dogs are very popular domesticated pets and you might just end up being reincarnated as one of them!

It's easy really. You could be a cat. You could be a dog. You could even be a cat AND a dog! Or maybe, just maybe, you won't be either of them. Which result will YOU get from this quiz?

Created by: Danielle Shackleford

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  1. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  2. Do you have ANY pets at home?
  3. Which of these foods would you most like to eat right now?
  4. Which of these colours do you hate the most right now?
  5. This sounds stupid, but would you want to ever live life as a cat or dog?
  6. Do you hate school or college?
  7. Have you ever had the urge to slap a stranger's bum?
  8. Do you love biscuits?
  9. Who provides your food?
  10. How do you prefer to get around?
  11. Pick the result you DON'T want to get at the end.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Cat or a Dog?