Are You More Like Cats or Dogs?

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Hey there! Welcome to my quiz. Judging by your action of clicking this title, I assume that you either really like dogs or you really like cats- or maybe you’re just here for fun!

Anyways, this quiz is a personality based approach on whether you are more like a cat or a dog. Answer the questions with thought and then awaits your result!

Created by: Spiderfell

  1. You’re presented with a project for either your school or your work. This project has multiple parts in which you must research and also involves your opinions. Who will you work with?
  2. You’re invited to a party that’s being hosted by one of your closest friends. Are you going or not?
  3. If you decided to go to the party, how will you spend your time?
  4. Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
  5. This question is a given, but do you prefer to have a cat or a dog as your pet/companion?
  6. Do you have a lively imagination?
  7. Are you more outgoing or easygoing?
  8. Do you enjoy the outdoors?
  9. How did you feel about this quiz?
  10. Please rate and comment! Thanks for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: Am I More Like Cats or Dogs?