Do you "leave" right?

Recently, someone I love very much vanished into thin air, on purpose, and it has left me defeated and confused. How does someone do this do the person they were about to marry?

I want to know how many of you there are out there like this one. If the results are promising, maybe I'll go back out into the world. If not, I'd rather know now before I feel that kind of pain again.

Created by: katie
  1. When you're in love, does it ever dawn on you to just wake up one day and say "I think I'll never see her again, beginning now"?
  2. Have you ever asked/been asked to marry someone and then right in the middle of the wedding plans just disappear without looking back?
  3. Has it ever occurred to you that the love of your life would be okay if you decided to leave without a word?
  4. Sparing yourself any pain at all, you you run as fast as you can, without a word of explaination, from the person who loves you more than life because it's easier on you, would you do this?
  5. Do you believe that your feelings are the only ones that matter?
  6. When looking for "the one", do you look for the person who you want to tell all your secrets to, then once you find her, hold them as tight to you as you possibly can, sharing nothing of your true inner feelings?
  7. Would you be okay with leaving the one you left behind to cry, worry, panic, fear for you, feel humiliated, be confused, to fall so far and so hard that cannot breathe anymore?
  8. Would you ever expect to be loved again?
  9. Would you knock the crap out of your sister's/brother's love if they did that to them?
  10. Will you ever leave someone badly?

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Quiz topic: Do I "leave" right?