Do you know your skatoony knowledge????

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Ahh, Skatoony. The best Quiz Show on TV. :) Are you a big Skatoony fan????? I hope so because this test is based on the hit show where kids and toons compete for prizes

Are you a Skatoony fan???? Do you know everything there is to know about the hit show where kids and toons compete for prizes???? If so then this quiz is for you.

Created by: ManicFanGirl95

  1. The Main boss of the show is called...
  2. But in America the boss is called.....
  3. In which episode did a pop star try to take over the quiz by having Chudders fired and putting Earl in a cage?????
  4. What was the name of the pop star???????
  5. The Pop Star was really who in disguise???????
  6. In which episode was the quiz block booby trapped and went rolling out of the studio forcing The Earl and Chudd Chudders to chase it????????
  7. Which game was played in Round 2 of this episode??????
  8. In which episode was Chudders told that an evil criminal mastermind was going to blow up Showtown with a missile unless paid by rival quiz show bosses???????
  9. Who was the Evil Criminal Mastermind?????
  10. In which episode did the contestants star in music videos as well as play in the quiz??????
  11. What was the name of the song sang by the Skeleton Crew??????
  12. What was the name of the band that sang the song Quiz Champ Challenge?????
  13. Who were the four members of the Royster Doysters that sang Danger Grid Of Doom??????
  14. Final Question. What is the name of the game that is always played in Round 1??????

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Quiz topic: Do I know my skatoony knowledge????