How much do you know about food

This short 12 question quiz gives you faboulous results, That will tell you all about your foodie knowledge, Your destiny awaits so just click for a foodie quiz

Do you know anything about food?, well your about to find out! I love the knowledge of food and you should to. This quiz is to test your foodie knowledge. Have Fun!

Created by: ameesha
  1. What is a famous greek cheese?
  2. What are the two colours of a kiwi fruit?
  3. what is the most popular way of making cheese
  4. What is the leading Australian supermarket gravy brand?
  5. what is the correct way of pronouncing SALMON
  6. A famous australian chef DONNA HAY, has a approach to cooking, what is it?
  7. A very costly part of a lamb is...?
  8. Do people like their steak cooked to perfection
  9. What is the most popular meal is italy?
  10. What the salty white cheese called?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about food