what food are you

find out what food you are like what food you are the same like are you cool funky geeky sporty all right here you could be the same as yu favorite food

are yu awesome and love all kinds of food than this is the quiz for you you find out your personality and some foods personalities there so many so find out what food you are now.

Created by: moutain dew
  1. are you brave or shy?
  2. are you sporty or kinda geeky?
  3. do you like to play out doors or just play video games?
  4. do you like to hang with friends or are you to buisy?
  5. are you lazy or active?
  6. whould you rather walk or run?
  7. do you like school or are you to cool?
  8. do you like just playing catch or playing a real game of football
  9. how long to stay on the computer?
  10. how long to you play outdoors?

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Quiz topic: What food am I