Do You Know Your Shared Residence

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The following quiz is for lay advisers and charity staff helping parents and children to make post-separation child arrangements. Only 10 questions to test your knowledge on shared residence/shared living arrangements.

If you are advising separating parents, ensure you understand the court process, including the requirements that separating parents attempt mediation prior to applying for an order in respect of their child (and the exemptions to this requirement that may apply). Our site helps you step-by-step.

Created by: Michael Robinson of The Custody Minefield
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  1. Residence orders were replaced by child arrangements orders in April 2014. The new style orders still allow the court to opt for shared residence. Is this statement...
  2. How did shared residence change following the introduction of the Children and Families Act 2014?
  3. Orders for shared residence/shared living arrangements can only be made when both parents agree to the order. Is this statement...
  4. Orders for shared living arrangements (under a child arrangements order) cannot be made if the parents live in different countries. Is this statement...
  5. The amount of time children spend in each parent's household need not be near equal for an order for shared living arrangements to be made. Is this statement...
  6. Which judge said "...the whole tenor of recent authority has been to liberate trial judges to elect for a regime of shared residence, if the circumstances and the reality of the case support that conclusion and if that conclusion is consistent with the paramount welfare consideration"?
  7. Having an order which grants you shared residence or residence gives you a greater legal right to be involved in decisions about the children's schooling or medical treatment?
  8. Your ex-partner has applied for a child arrangements order, for sole residence. You want to apply for shared living arrangements under a child arrangements order. You need to file and serve which forms?
  9. Which paragraph, of the draft child arrangements order, provides the option of a child living with more than one person named in the order?
  10. It's important when advancing an argument for shared living arrangements, that you draw the court's attention to...

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