Do you know your pop?

Hey do you think you are a popaholic do love pop, dop you knoe you music? if I had to sing a song by lady gaga or jessie jay, would you sing along and know the artist, well find out now by taking this quiz which took long but was fun to make.

So people I worked hard on this qiuz and i had a lot of fun making this quiz i hope it even gets into the top forty or maybe the best new quizzes so i need your help so please be a hero and take this quiz.

Created by: glitter
  1. what type of music do you like?
  2. who sings this song last friday night?
  3. finish the song like a dream come-------incredredible, maricle lyrical.
  4. who sing man down? (rum pa pa pum rum pa pa pam rum pa pa pum man down!!!)
  5. name three songs Lady Gaga sings.
  6. Who sing the party rock anthem and champaigne showers?
  7. who sings the lazy song?
  8. who sings rabiossa? (this is quiet easy.)
  9. who sings calafornia king bed(i lurve this song)
  10. who sing nobody's perfect (not by hannah montana)
  11. who sings motivation(i wanna be your motivation pa da da tum)
  12. who sings beautiful people?
  13. who sing dont stop the party?
  14. who sings who says (who says who says your not perfect, who says your the only one thats hurting, trust me thats the price of beauty.)
  15. who sings pretty girl rock?
  16. okay guys one more song who sings...i love you when the stars are above you.
  17. guys this quiz is over now.
  18. will you comment?
  19. will you rate?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my pop?