Do you know your joshua?

This quiz is about you trying too see if youu know your baby i know my baby its your turn these questions are based on true facts but these questions aren't games lol if you fail then something is seriously wrong with your relationship that you need too fix before itsz to late

Do you got wat it takes to bee a good girlfriend and do you know your man like hwe know you and do he love when your happy.... this quiz will tell you a lot about you and your man joshua and if yall are ment to be

Created by: chrissy Morgan

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  1. Does he try to be romantic or is he romantic?
  2. Is he a bad a** or a goody two shoes or is he inbetween?
  3. Is he a bad a** or a goody two shoes or he is inbetween?
  4. Does he say your his everything or something like that???
  5. Would he ever cheatt on you?
  6. Do you worry when your apart?
  7. Does he disrespect you?
  8. Do yall love each other?
  9. Did yall f*** yet
  10. Are intrested in seeing the results?
  11. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my joshua?