Are you a baby?

Many people don't think that they are a baby, when in fact, they run around naked, pooping their pants every day. This quiz tells you if you are a baby and what to do if you are.

There results are one hundred percent accurate. If you are a baby, please proceed to remove all clothing, roll on the floor crying, and upload online. Don't forget to try that mashy brown stuff

Created by: amazon

  1. Are you naked?
  2. Are you pooping yourself?
  3. Are you crying?
  4. Are you stupid?
  5. Are you a viewer of dora?
  6. Is your mummy reading this to you?
  7. Are you wetting yourself?
  8. Are you too small for clothes?
  9. You're going to bed now, right?
  10. If you are not a baby, want me to turn you into one?

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Quiz topic: Am I a baby?