Do you Know your Harry Styles From 1D?

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There is a term used for 1 Direction fans. "Directioners" are what people are called when they are a huge fan of 1 Direction- a British boy band made by X-Factor

"Directionaters" are people who don't like 1 Direction. for example: if you pronounce Louis (lowis) then your a directionater. He likes being pronounced (Looie) (the "s" in his name is silent.

Created by: Jordan Tomlinson

  1. What is Harry's Favourite Colour?
  2. Harry is the oldest in the band!
  3. Is there anything extra-ordinary about him?
  4. How old was harry when he joined?
  5. whats the youngest age Harry will date?
  6. when did Harry eat his first Twinkie?
  7. if he were a girl, who would Harry most likely date?
  8. what is harry's fear?
  9. Will you try my Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam quizes after i finish them?
  10. is harry your favourite boy?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Harry Styles From 1D?