Do you know everything about Harry Styles?

There are alot of Harry Styles fans.Im one but are you one?Do you know all thr facts about him?! youre a genius! all you have to do is take it! hope you have fun.

Are YOU a fan of Harry Styles? if you think you know all the facts about him.Take this quiz and find out.Just a few clicks and minutes and youll find out.

Created by: OneDirectionLover

  1. When was Harry Styles Born?
  2. What's Harry's full name?
  3. Harry confirmed...''I have a crush on....''
  4. What 4 things does Harry not like in a girl?
  5. Harry Styles thinks a girl is immediatley annoying when she...
  6. What's Harry's favorite color?
  7. Do you think Harry made up the name 'One Direction' as their group pop band name?
  8. What would Harry do if his girlfriend fell asleep on his lap?
  9. Do you like Harry Styles?
  10. Bye!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I know everything about Harry Styles?