Beer Geek #1 - Styles

There are beer drinkers and there are Beer Geeks. Beer Geeks take a true interest in the delicious brews they drink and always strive to learn more. If you think you have what it takes then come on in and enjoy the quiz.

Are you merely a beer drinker or are you a Beer Geek? Find out in chapter #1 of the Beer Geek Quiz - this one is all about beer styles! From pilsners to stouts, IPAs to barleywines, test your knowledge of beer styles!

Created by: LambTaco

  1. Which one of the following styles typically exhibits the lowest amount of hop aroma and flavor?
  2. Which of the following flavor notes is least likely to apply to an American Amber Ale?
  3. Which of the following styles is not a type of lager?
  4. A Belgian Tripel is generally closest to which of these colors?
  5. Which of the following differs the LEAST between an American Amber Ale and American Brown Ale?
  6. Lambics are generally considered to be under which branch of the beer family?
  7. Lambics are defined by which of these characteristics?
  8. Which of the following is not an an example of a sour?
  9. Which of the following are differences between an American Pale Ale and an American IPA?
  10. Which of the following is generally true about Oatmeal Stouts?
  11. Which of the following styles could have some degree of roast or toasted malt flavor?
  12. American Barleywines exhibit which of the following traits?
  13. Which of the following flavors would NOT apply to a Weissebier?
  14. Which of the following characteristics would apply to a German Pilsner?
  15. Rank the following styles in order from lowest alcohol by volume to highest alcohol by volume: Belgian Tripel, American Barleywine, Dry Stout, American Light Lager, American IPA

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