Do you know your firefighting shows/movies?

Do you watch fire fighting movies and then say hay maybe i know every line of it thats what this quiz is for to see if your an adverage human being or commpletely obbsesed with these movies and tv shows

Do you know your firefighting movies? we will see about that this quiz tells you if you are adverage or if you are in love with them take this quiz its tons of fun and tells you if you need help

Created by: dan

  1. Who wear the two parimedics in the show Emergency!
  2. In ladder 49 what was jack's orriginal posistion in the department?
  3. In Backdraft what was the first name of the arsinist killer makeing the backdrafts
  4. In emergency what type of old fire engine did the parimedics fix up
  5. In reascue me what does Tommy promis to damion's mom?
  6. in backdraft what was the cheimical used in the fire's
  7. in ladder 49 what was the name of the last man jack saved
  8. In Emergency what is the name of the police officer that was friends with one of the parimedics who died in a car accedint
  9. in back draft what was the mag that brian was on
  10. did u enjoy this quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I know my firefighting shows/movies?