Do you know your CKTs?

The CKTs are a very complex, wonderful group of women who have interesting lives. Do you know who your fellow CKTs are? Can you get a %100 on this quiz? Try your best!

This will help you learn more about your friends! Try your hardest, because this is a very detailed quiz about a very complex group of sexy ladies! Good luck!

Created by: Dana
  1. which members live in the great state of Oklahoma?
  2. Which member is the latest to acquire a new dog?
  3. Who just won custody of a very cute kid?
  4. Which of our members LOVES halloween
  5. Happy Birthday!! Who's birthday is coming up on March 5th?
  6. In this order, which of our members owns which dog? 1) Mad Max 2) Kaney 3) CoCo 4) Lilly 5) Caroline 6) Ollie 7) Logan
  7. Which member does not reside in the U.S.A?
  8. Who does Maizy belong to?
  9. Which members own brindle Pit bulls?
  10. Who owns Kidgie?
  11. Who owns a black lab and a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  12. Who just recently had her eyeball licked by a boy?
  13. There are two owners of Border collies (or mixes). Who are they?
  14. Which two members make their livings as nannies?
  15. Who is moving to Florida very soon?
  16. WHo has tattoos in her boob-pits?
  17. Kinky! Which member owns a sex swing and has shown us pictures?
  18. Which member works at a dog daycare?
  19. One member lives in Amish country, which is that?
  20. One member owns a Dalmatian, who is it?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my CKTs?