(Guys Only)Should you date American Women or Foreign Women?

Since most foreign countries enforces traditional roles of man and women. The environment seems to be not so toxic with negative energy as in countries like the U.S.A.

In the USA, the women hold the cards when it comes to a relationship or choosing a mate. This is dangerous as many tend to choose the wrong man early in life. Getting most women here requires hardcore game, where as in other countries you can have little to none and still score.

Created by: Mason Young
  1. What do you think about feminism?
  2. You want her to please you when...
  3. Would you rather be in a society where women compete for men or men competing for women?
  4. How do you feel about a woman getting implants to make her physical appearance look better?
  5. What's more attractive to you, a traditional submissive woman or independent submissive woman?
  6. Would you like to deal with feminine, approachable, friendlier, thin women on a regular bases?
  7. Would you like to learn a new language?
  8. Do you like to travel?
  9. Do you like buying most things cheaper?
  10. Would you like to date or marry a young woman at an older age?

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Quiz topic: (Guys Only)should I date American Women or Foreign Women?