Do You Know Your 2011 Songs?

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I know these are mainstream songs but yeah. I don't like all of these songs,some of them annoying the crap outta me like Ke$ha songs and the Britney Spears song.

Hope you get a good score. If not then...I dunno. Try agian? Please don't say any bad comments...I'll go all taco on you and you don't wanna see that. :P

Created by: Biance

  1. "Dirt and glitter cover the floors" ________ by Ke$ha
  2. "Im on the right track,baby" _____________ by Lady Gaga
  3. "Cause I may be bad but Im perfectly good" ________ by Rihanna
  4. "There's a stranger in my bed" ____________ by Katy Perry
  5. "The chips will fall where they may" __________ by Lemonade Mouth
  6. "DJ turn in up" ________ by Ke$ha
  7. "Pretty pretty please,if you ever ever feel" __________ by P!nk
  8. "Spit it out 'cause Im dying for company" _________ by Britney Spears
  9. "And I never felt this way before" __________ by The Black Eyed Peas
  10. "You kiss,is cosmic,every mover's magic" ________ by Katy Perry

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my 2011 Songs?