Do you know what youtuber this is

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This is to test you on how well you know red 10 questions to complete and I hope you click on and play because you will have a lot of YouTuber fun.

But are you as smart as you think. Do you think that you know everything about YouTubers. Test your knowledge and find out. Also Subscribe to my YouTube channel the name is (MyLifeAsChelsea X)

Created by: MyLifeAsChelsea X
  1. I have 8 million subscribers I'm a female My boyfriend is Alfie Deyes Who am I
  2. I'm 23 I just hit 5 million subscribers My sister is Zoe Who am I
  3. I have a puppy called Martha I'm Married to Jim Chapman I get called tan Who am I
  4. My Girlfriend is Zoe Sugg My Sister is called Poppy I have a pug called Nala Who am I
  5. My Boyfriend is Marcus Butler I have blonde hair I have 1.4 million subscribers Who am I
  6. I have 4.1 million subscribers My girlfriend is Niomi Smart I'm a rapper Who am I
  7. I'm 27 years old I have 1.3 million subscribers My sister is Blair Fower Who am I
  8. My room mate is Joe Sugg I'm from South-Africa I love Pizza Who am I
  9. My Youtuber name is MayBaby I'm 18 years old I have brown hair Who am I
  10. We are twins We make videos together We have brown hair Who are we

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Quiz topic: Do I know what youtuber this is