Do you know Valve?

Valve is a large gaming company, but do you know anything about it? Well this test can tell you what you know. Valve has made Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead, Half Life, and a lot of other famous games. Know about that? Well then take the quiz.

Do you know anything about Valve? You possibly may, but you also may not. See if you do by taking this quiz. Also if you have steam, then your a good person, if you don't, well... Consider getting it.

Created by: Aaron F.

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  1. How many classes are there in Day of Defeat Source?
  2. What is Barney's real last name?
  3. What are the Classes of Guns in Counter Strike and Counter Strike Source?
  4. Who helped Valve make Half Life : Blue shift and Opposing Force?
  5. What is Source?
  6. What was Deathmatch Classic based on?
  7. What is the head boss of Valve's first name?
  8. Random question; what is 16 x 2?
  9. In what year was Half Life 2 made in?
  10. What year was Half Life 1 made in?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Valve?