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So my quiz is about a card game that I used to love but today I am not a fan of it because it is really old and nobody plays it. This card game I am talking about is actually kind of cool but mostly just some boring stuff. Hope you enjoy my quiz! Thank you!

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Created by: Tyler Dawson

  1. who is the main character in yu-gi-oh?
  2. What are the three most strongest monsters in yu-gi-oh?
  3. What are the first letters in all three of the strongest monsters in yu-gi-oh?
  4. Name two of the main characters best friends
  5. What strong card did we see in the beginning of the series of yu-gi-oh that the main characters grandfather owned?
  6. Who was the character that stole blue eyes white dragon?
  7. Name one of the strongest monsters in yu-gi-oh
  8. Name one of the monsters that the main character has in yu-gi-oh
  9. What was the main characters purpose in yu-gi-oh
  10. Okay bonus question! What is a meme?

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