How much do you know about Flipline Studios?

Welcome, all children, teenagers, and adults! This is a quiz about Flipline Studios, a computer and mobile device game company from Ohio. They make the popular Papa’s Gameria games. (Spoiler Alert!)

Please note that this is my first test/quiz and you may or may not like it. Please do not say mean words. This quiz is a no-swear zone. So, please be nice.

Created by: Anonymous Creator

  1. Which is the latest character to get a Flipdeck? (As of April 19, 2019)
  2. In which game do you make both cookies and ice cream?
  3. Who founded Flipline Studios?
  4. Which customer does not work at one of Papa Louie’s restaurants?
  5. What game does Ella Windstorm appear in?
  6. What type of customer is usually the last customer?
  7. What ingredient is unlocked on Rank 29 in Papa’s Pizzeria HD?
  8. Is hamburger an ingredient in Papa’s Pizzeria HD?
  9. What year was the original Papa’s Wingeria released?
  10. Final question: the toughest! What did Flipline Studios do before releasing their first game?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Flipline Studios?